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Intermodal Transport System

Intermodal is a transport method that integrates more than one transport mode in the movement.
Intermodal transport advantages of different transport modes, in intermodal transport, the aim is to achieve an effective combination of cost , delivery time and service quality using standard transport units like rail, truck and ship without any handling Of the freight itself when changing modes.
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Inland Freight

Railways - Inland Rail is a key national Project that will enhance our existing national rail network and serve and interstate freight market.
Roads - Roads are the dominant mode of transportation in India today. The density of India’s highway network -- at 0.66 km of highway per square kilometer of land – is similar to that of the United States (0.65) and much greater than China's (0.16) or Brazil's (0.20).
India's 14,000 kilometers of navigable rivers and canals

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